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Yay! We're now on the 2nd month of the year, February! The month of.. love?

What is it about Valentine's Day that makes people get soo needy? So what if there's paper hearts all over the place, and corny cards, and chocolate everywhere you look. The whole world gets all lovey dovey for that one day, to "show" how much they love their significant other but most of the time it's just like V-Day. It’s allll for the show. After that one day the relationships start to crumble, chocolate goes stale, cards turn yellow, flowers die, and balloons deflate. So why the hell do people put so much stock into that one day. Shouldn't it be invested like that in their relationship the other 364 days of the year? Blah.

Cool. My first blog entry. Worry not my friends, my blog isn’t all about ranting. I’m just kinda washed up with the idea of being mushy during February. If I could I'd damn that little bastard Cupid to hell for shooting those "Love Arrows!".

Real life and Flyff adventures will be posted soon! Ciao!

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Raina said...

Feb pa pala tong blog.

Valentine's Day is commercialism at it's best. lol

It's so corny to even celebrate it on the exact date.

I just listened to: