Real life Donkey Kong?

Okay, first tetris, then pacman, and now, DONKEY KONG!?

Check this out peeps:

Lol, puro vids na lang napopost ko. I haven't got the time to put in cheesy stuffs. Btw, I had a great time in Davao last week for the Flyff EB. I'll try to post some of the photos I took. Got bitten by a parrot din at the Crocodile Park. Bleh. :E



Woot! Atma and Kumiko, nasa print ads!

Presenting... LU LIVE 2007!

Click to enlarge

"Pinilit" kami n'yan ng creatives team (peace), pero, ang galing ng pagka-gawa nila. We were just sitting on monoblock chairs when they took the photos. Tapos, with some L337 Photoshop skillz by creatives, yan na yung finished product.

This ad can be seen on the October issue of GAME! magazine. First time ko lumabas sa print. XD Wala lang. Got too excited.

*Kumiko is the one with the Bunny ears.


Real life Pacman? Lol!

Just browsing through the internet a while ago, and check out what I bumped in to:

Yeap, it's another one of those funny japanese tv/game shows. Sana ganyan din ka-creative yung mga variety shows dito satin. xD

Astig siguro kung gumawa sila ng ganyan for Burger Time. Haha.


Irregular Atma Blog Updates -_-


Sorry for not being able to post new stuffs and reply to the cbox. I've just been really very uber mega ultra busy this week. WORK. WORK. WORK.
-Post event Nescafe 3-in-1 presentation (nosebleed)
-Flyff plans for September
-Helping Kumiko with the EB tasks (some)
-Price war with Aeonsoft
-Extra-curricular activities such as LUTO (Level-up Tournament, we play basketball and volleyball every Tuesday and Thursday, BLACK TEAM FTW!)
-Many more

Mmm.. I think that's about it. I feel so restless and eye-baggy (lol). Si Kumiko nagkakaroon na ng pimples. Tsk.

So, to end this with a lighter note, and a good news as well, the Flyff EB Marathon will be at large again! This time, a new freebie us up~ laos na ang Tiger Boards! Eto na ang new free item natin, the Bodyguard Set! (we GMs call it the MIB set )

All you need to do to get this sleek skin item is to ATTEND THE EB EVENTS. I think Kumiko has already scheduled 3 venues for next week. From September 14~16, the team will be at: Kidapawan City, Davao, and General Santos. More details can be viewed at http://flyff.levelupgames.ph

List of venues will be posted soon. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :)



Flyff v8 Official Level-up! Wallpapers

Hello~ Sorry if it took ages for my second post. I've been really busy in the past few days. Reports left and right, deadly deadlines, and brainstorming for future plans. I feel sad for the GM team tho, they look very tired, especially Kumiko. She's losing her youthful look (eyebags, pimples, oh noe!) cus of stress from planning and paperworks. I hope we finish everything by Friday. Else, lagot ang buong team. :/

Moving on...

I'd like to share with you guys the cool Flyff v8 wallpapers inside the v8 CD's-- Yes, it's a rare item. We only produced 7,500 copies of it and most of 'em are distributed thru internet cafe's. So if you happen to get a copy, better not lose it! Who knows, you might win something out of a Flyff CD. :P

Here's one of the wallpapers (designed by Hazel from our creatives dept)

It's my favorite out of the 4 wallpapers. I hope you like 'em too. Here are the rest of em:




Sorry for not being able to post v9 stuffs because I noticed that most of the info I have is already available at http://forums.flyff.com.ph. I suggest you register there and read more about Flyff.

There's a Flyff EB @ Davao and Gensan pala next week. I'll keep you updated.


New Episode of Human Tetris!

What a lazy day. Woke up at 3pm, ate lunch, bleh the usual. As I type this blog, I just realized that I need a hobby. Something that will at least keep me busy from the weekends (not the expensive ones). Because for the past few weeks, I'VE BEEN DOING NOTHING BUT STAY AT HOME!! Ugh. I gotta stop this sagging trend of moi. Siguro I need to spend more time on the internet? Lol.

ANYWAY, on with my post.

Prolly some of you have seen the "human tetris" (not sure if that's the actual name of the show) TV clip on Youtube. The objective of the contest is try to fit your body through the styro wall so that you won't fall into the water. Sounds simple eh? Here's a new episode of it:

It's one of the internet clips that made me lol. If you haven't seen the first one (I think it's funnier) here's the link:


I'll be posting some Flyff stuffs tomorrow naman. It should be either v8 wallpapers or v9 pet details.





Sorry for the disappointment. I know there's nothing much to read here now (cus I'm currently looking for friends who'd help me design the layout, lol), still working on the look and feel of meh blog. As you can see, I'm using one of the default templates of blogger. I think eto na yung pinaka-maayos. Lol.

Basically, most of my posts would be about:
  • Flyff updates (v9/10 and future patches)
  • Mundane adventures
  • Youtube finds
  • Birthday greetings for free (wow, that'd be interesting. /sarcasm)
  • Polls?

Err okay. Those were pretty lame, you'll see the usual stuffs that can be found on any regular blogs. BUT, it would be really great if you could suggest topics/issues that we could talk about or featured here. It'll be a win-win situation for us! You ask something, and i'll provide info! Har!

So... comments anyone? Please don't mind the layout. I know it sucks. Let's focus on the contents first. Wachutink?


Outer space.

I'd like your face blurred and in its place, the sun. and I'll be an astronaut for I transpired to catch some rays and feed, and now, I got everything I need.

And I could hardly wait for my stars to fall in line and synchronize and shine. A wasted string of years and a wasted string of lies, you're still the same to me.



I try to peel back the layers and dig down inside. Sometimes I lose sight of what I'm trying to find. And it's that sort of thing that pushes me think too much.

Stuffs like this... makes me neglect my objectivity.

Apathy, please get out of my way.


Testing.. 123.

Yay! We're now on the 2nd month of the year, February! The month of.. love?

What is it about Valentine's Day that makes people get soo needy? So what if there's paper hearts all over the place, and corny cards, and chocolate everywhere you look. The whole world gets all lovey dovey for that one day, to "show" how much they love their significant other but most of the time it's just like V-Day. It’s allll for the show. After that one day the relationships start to crumble, chocolate goes stale, cards turn yellow, flowers die, and balloons deflate. So why the hell do people put so much stock into that one day. Shouldn't it be invested like that in their relationship the other 364 days of the year? Blah.

Cool. My first blog entry. Worry not my friends, my blog isn’t all about ranting. I’m just kinda washed up with the idea of being mushy during February. If I could I'd damn that little bastard Cupid to hell for shooting those "Love Arrows!".

Real life and Flyff adventures will be posted soon! Ciao!

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