New Episode of Human Tetris!

What a lazy day. Woke up at 3pm, ate lunch, bleh the usual. As I type this blog, I just realized that I need a hobby. Something that will at least keep me busy from the weekends (not the expensive ones). Because for the past few weeks, I'VE BEEN DOING NOTHING BUT STAY AT HOME!! Ugh. I gotta stop this sagging trend of moi. Siguro I need to spend more time on the internet? Lol.

ANYWAY, on with my post.

Prolly some of you have seen the "human tetris" (not sure if that's the actual name of the show) TV clip on Youtube. The objective of the contest is try to fit your body through the styro wall so that you won't fall into the water. Sounds simple eh? Here's a new episode of it:

It's one of the internet clips that made me lol. If you haven't seen the first one (I think it's funnier) here's the link:


I'll be posting some Flyff stuffs tomorrow naman. It should be either v8 wallpapers or v9 pet details.


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Anonymous said...

lolzzzzz asteg nman nyan!

I just listened to: