Sorry for the disappointment. I know there's nothing much to read here now (cus I'm currently looking for friends who'd help me design the layout, lol), still working on the look and feel of meh blog. As you can see, I'm using one of the default templates of blogger. I think eto na yung pinaka-maayos. Lol.

Basically, most of my posts would be about:
  • Flyff updates (v9/10 and future patches)
  • Mundane adventures
  • Youtube finds
  • Birthday greetings for free (wow, that'd be interesting. /sarcasm)
  • Polls?

Err okay. Those were pretty lame, you'll see the usual stuffs that can be found on any regular blogs. BUT, it would be really great if you could suggest topics/issues that we could talk about or featured here. It'll be a win-win situation for us! You ask something, and i'll provide info! Har!

So... comments anyone? Please don't mind the layout. I know it sucks. Let's focus on the contents first. Wachutink?


Raina said...

After EB Pics/Stuff.
Stuff you're interested in.
Happenings at Asteroid B-12 or w/e. lol

Keep an eye out for players' rantage/spammage. :p

GM Atma said...

Well, since I'm just starting out this blog, I might keep it as a Free-for-all PK area temporarily til it gets out of hand. Gamers <3 hardcore action ya knoe.

But hey, thanks!

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