Woot! Atma and Kumiko, nasa print ads!

Presenting... LU LIVE 2007!

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"Pinilit" kami n'yan ng creatives team (peace), pero, ang galing ng pagka-gawa nila. We were just sitting on monoblock chairs when they took the photos. Tapos, with some L337 Photoshop skillz by creatives, yan na yung finished product.

This ad can be seen on the October issue of GAME! magazine. First time ko lumabas sa print. XD Wala lang. Got too excited.

*Kumiko is the one with the Bunny ears.


Shiro said...

You're the one wearing the helmet, amirite AMIRITE?


GM Atma said...

Nop, I'm the one besides Kumiko (right) whom she fantasizes deeply on the piccie. Haha. :P

達也 るか said...

Is it just me, or is the guy behind the Helmet Dude look a lot Shiro? o_o

GM Atma said...

Oh? Wait, that's one of the goblins from the game "Khan Online". But I have to agree that it has a lot of Shiro's feature.

Shiro said...

I dunno, Atma. She seems to be looking at the guy behind the Helmet Dude.

GM Atma said...

Yup! That's the one im referring to. Lololol

Shiro said...

Then that is one hot and good-looking goblin.

Raina said...

That's Shiro XD

Flamer said...

It seems somebody has good eyes.. Haha.

I can't wait to see that on print na.

達也 るか said...

Hahah, so I was right xD..

Kabalyero said...

Aba, si Atma may Blog na. Saan blog ni Etna? LOL!

archaven said...

aww.. i like the bunny ears!! akin nalang! pa LBC naman! hahaha

marky_bewitched said...

Meron Din sa Netopia Internet Cafe! /heh

helpme! said...

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